The 3 Tips To Hire The Best Roofing Contractors

Our roofs are the first protection from anything that happens outside our homes; that’s why we have to have the best residential roofing services at hand. However, it’s hard to choose from the many roofing companies available. In this blog, you will learn three crucial tips to choose the best roofing contractor and have your family protected. 

Research as much as Possible

The first thing you need to do is research as much as possible about the company. Ask for how long the roofing company has been in business. Experience is crucial to guarantee an excellent residential roofing service; you want someone you can trust, after all. 

But trust also comes with the peace of mind that the company is licensed and insured. You want to make sure that the roofing company you are considering has the permits to operate. In case of accidents, you want to ensure the company has insurance to avoid legal issues. Professional services are a little more expensive, but the peace of mind that you’re getting a well-done job is priceless. 

What Happens If You Aren’t Satisfied?

We are all humans; we are allowed to make mistakes; even the most professional roofing contractors fail to deliver. So what happens if you’re unsatisfied with the work? That’s a critical question to ask the roofing company, so you know in advance what to expect. It would be best if you also looked for the warranties the company offers. The most trustable the company is, the better. 

What If The Roof Needs An Unplanned and Extra Service?

Sometimes we don’t know the actual condition of our roofs until we have professionals look it over and inspect them. Sometimes our roofs require an extra step to be fixed completely; that could be your case. Especially in Jacksonville, NC, where we are used to extreme weather conditions, we don’t know how much damage our roofs have sustained. 

It’s crucial to ask the company what’s their plan of action in general, but precisely this question, so you know what to expect from the roofing company and how it handles emergency repairs. 

Complete Roofing’s Reputation Is Over The “Top”!

Complete Roofing LLC is a licensed and insured roofing company in Jacksonville, North Carolina, with decades of experience. Our residential roofing services include installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement of roofs. Our job is guaranteed to be first-class, including financing options and handling insurance claims. Contact us to learn more about the company. 



Our Roofing Services


Residential Roofing

In Foley, residential roofs come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. If your roof is unique, you might struggle to find the right roofing service for you. Luckily, Complete Roofing has the skills and experience needed to work with all types of commercial roofing.

Commercial Roofing

Flat and low slope commercial roofs are common in Foley. However, most roofing services don’t have a lot of experience with them. Our commercial roofers understand the nuances of these roofs and offer the installation, repair, and maintenance you need.

Roof Repair

In Foley, roof repair helps keep your home or business at its best. Whether you have suffered sudden roof damage or an issue has been building over time, we are ready to offer effective and sustainable solutions.

Roof Replacement

All roofs eventually need to be replaced. If your residential roof is older than 20 years, or your commercial one older than 15, you should have your roof inspected. We offer partial and complete replacement, as well as reroofing.

Storm Damage Roofing

When you need help after the storm, Complete Roofing is on your side. We offer Foley emergency roofing services that prevent property damage from worsening, inspect your home or business, then deliver the solutions you need.

Metal Roofing

More and more Foley homes are sporting metal roofs, and once you learn more about them, it becomes clear why. Durable, attractive, and energy efficient, they improve your home and increase your property value.


Gutters are essential to your home, managing water runoff and highlighting your roofline. Our Foley gutter service designs, installs, and maintains gutter systems of any material.

If you need help with your Foley, AL roof, work with Complete Roofing. Contact us at